German Two-hand Sword 

  • Dated: made in the style of circa 1530
  • Measurements: overall length 138.5 cm; blade length 106 cm

The sword feature a broad double-edged blade cut with a series of narrow fullers both on each side and over the ricasso. The latter is also stamped with three small marks on both sides. The iron hilt, of Landsknecht type, features a moulded and bold spirally fluted S-shaped guard, matching plummet-shaped pommel, and a moulded leather-covered grip.

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Oakeshott Type XII Medieval Sword H1 Pommel Type 1 Cross

Editor’s Note: Accompanying text translated from Italian by Google.

Description: Straight blade with two wires slightly converging towards the tip, shelled at the center for almost the entire length except at the tip; iron hilt with straight arms, faces downward and slightly pointed at the ends, apple-shaped to almost circular flat faces; handle with leather upholstery, restoration.

Notes Type XII. See R. Ewart Oakeshott, The Sword in the Age of Chivalry Lutterworth Press, London, 1964. Specimens similar to Tables 6-8.

Length 95.5 cm

2500.00 € | € 3,000.00

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